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Go Fucking Do It

Go fucking do it
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Finish a 5k

Travel the world

Launch my startup

Go to China

Cook every day

Go skydiving

Quit coffee

Go to Africa

Lose 10 lbs

Don't smoke for 30 days
Lose 20 lbs in 8 weeks
Go bungee jumping in 30 days
Don't drink for 30 days
Build your first app in 8 weeks
Launch your startup

3,710 people pledged $447,973

I will organize my life or pay $250
I will start a blog or pay $100
I will finish my paper or pay $100
I will run a marathon or pay $50

Challenge someone

Know someone who's been going on about doing something but keeps putting it off? Let them put their money where their mouth is and make them accountable to reach their goal.

byor pay

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

First you specify a goal you want to reach. You set a deadline when you should have passed this goal. You put a price on your goal and enter a supervisor. Once the deadline passed, we ask your supervisor if you passed your goal. If you have, everything is okay. If you haven't, you'll get charged the price you set.

Why does it work?

Money is one of the greatest incentives around. And the only bigger incentive than money itself is losing it. pushes this concept to the extreme.

What's a supervisor?

A supervisor can be anyone you know that is able to check if you actually passed your goal. Supervisors can be friends or co-workers. We contact the supervisor per e-mail after the deadline you set. Supervisors need to be objective and truthful, since if they lie about you reaching your goal, it defeats the purpose.

Who made this?

I made this because I've been applying this technique for a year with friends to get me and them reach our goals. It worked so well that I made this site, so I can help anyone reach their goals now.

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